Santorini Island

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Beauty like no other

Santorini today is among the top destinations in the world for its beauty, history and its unique, mouth-watering. The caldera of Santorini is the major attraction of the island as the formation with the whitewashed houses scattered on the cliffs create an amazing landscape. Walking across the caldera and admiring the view to the sea and the volcanoes, as well as the mesmerizing sunset is an amazing experience.

Santorini has a long history as the evidence and findings in Akrotiri suggest. This pre-historic settlement flourished 3.000 years ago and was covered with lava from the devastating volcano eruption at 1.600 BC. That eruption changed Santorini’s shape forever. From a circular island now it has the shape of a crescent moon but also this amazing scenery.

The volcano is also the reason that Santorini’s products have such a distinct taste. The soil of Santorini has a different composition thus the vines here give wines with a particular taste as well as the cherry tomatoes, the white aubergine and the famous fava are so delicious.

The island of Santorini is a feast for all the senses; Waking up to the sea view with the blue dome in your sight at the Altemar Suites it will make you instantly feel the uniqueness of this island. Do  not miss a thing about Santorini as it will reward you with the beauty and the emotions that you will only experience in the amazing island of Santorini.